How do we apply LegalTech solutions? Ewa Kaluzinska’s interview for LegalTech Lab Podcast

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June 3, 2020

It is with a great pleasure that we announce that the partner of our law firm, Ewa Kaluzinska, was a guest at LegalTech Lab Podcast, the first podcast in Poland about the digitalization of legal services.

She spoke about the implementation of IT tools in a daily work of the lawfirm, the ways it facilitates the collaboration with a client, especially an international one. She shared her views on benefits and drawbacks of certain technologies and went through an onboarding process of a new LegalTech software.

Verne Legal believes in innovation as a way to improve clients’ experience with a lawfirm. We use solutions enabling our clients to have digitalized board meetings of their companies, revise contracts, have virtual meetings. We opt for digitalization, having at the same time cybersecurity and confidentiality as our priorities. Therefore, we use certified and secured tools created for lawyers, and participate in their improvement or even creation.

You can listen to the episode [PL] in here and follow LegalTech Lab for more content on the topic of digitalization of the legal practice.

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